Dalston Jazz Bar Food Menu

We place no set prices on our dishes. All we ask is that you make a donation of your choice based on the quality of our food.

Dinner Menu

  • Starters ( minimum £20 donation for 3 course meal)

  • Caramelised Onion, Goats' Cheese Tart

    • Free donation

    Served on a bed of spinach and plantain.

  • Exotic Vegetable Platter

    • Free donation

    Plantain, sweet potatoes burger, spinach, ackee, ladies figure, breadfruit and yam.

  • Frog Legs

    • Free donation

    Frog legs in bread crumbs served with salad.

  • King prawns

    • Free donation

    King prawns with chilly flakes and sweet peppers sauce.

  • Wild mushrooms with vegetable crumble

    • Free donation

    Served with Herb Sauce and tomatoe sauce.

  • Main Courses ( minimum £20 donations for 3 course meal)

  • Crocodile

    • Free donation

    Crocodile cooked in ginger, lime and brown sugar on honey sauce.

  • Jerk Rabbit

    • Free donation

    With herbs and tomatoes sauce.

  • Kangaroo Fillet

    • Free donation

    With a whiskey, white wine and blue cheese sauce.

  • Mixed Exotic Meat Platter

    • Free donation

    Suitable for two persons (4 meats)

  • Ostrich Fillet

    • Free donation

    Pan-fried ostrich with creamy mushrooms, Bombay sweet potatoes and red wine sauce.

  • Rustic Guineafowl

    • Free donation

    Rustic Guineafowl with curry and spices.

  • White Shark

    • Free donation

    Shark with Coconut Milk, Rice and Sauteed Vegetables.

  • Vegetarian Sausages

    • Free donation

    Delicious selection of gourmet vegetarian sausages made of mixed vegetables and spices.

  • Zebra with a Dijonaise Sauce

    • Free donation

    Grilled zebra served with a Dijonaise Sauce and tot of Whiskey.

  • Desserts

  • Organic Carrot Cake

    • Free donation
  • Organic Chocolate Brownie

    • Free donation

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